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  1. ELCON PFC 2500 "Wrong Battery"

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello, I recently replaced my old set of batteries with new ones. The batteries reached the end of their life a few years ago and I have had the car sitting in the garage since then. I had ten Deka 12v 105Ah 8A31DT batteries and I replaced them with exact same thing (the new batteries are called...
  2. For Sale: 12 * 12V 250ah AGM batteries for sale

    I have 12 * UPG 12V 250ah AGM batteries for sale. In total this pack is 36.6kWh, I am willing to split this battery pack up. I originally bought this 4 years ago to complete my senior design project in college and am no longer in need of it. I used it for a few months to complete a design of a...