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  1. For Sale: Electric Air Conditioning Compressor - $250

    I purchased this compressor with the intention of putting AC into my 914 conversion, but it never got added. Too many other projects to ever get to this one, and now my pack voltage is going to be outside the range of this unit. 114vdc - 174vdc (144vdc nominal). The unit has never been...
  2. Switching HV accessories in conversions?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Precharge of the capacitors on a drive inverter is well understood - and most inverters manage this themselves. But I'm curious about the other accessories that run on ~380 volts DC. DC/DC converters have a certain amount of capacitance that would potentially weld a contactor. Likewise, high...
  3. 1st Charge of Master Flux A/C system

    Technical Discussion
    I have a Master Flux Sierra compressor in my EV for the A/C and am ready to charge it up for the 1st time. However the shop that was going to evacuate/charge the system was VERY concerned about the oil for the system. The unit says it is shipped with oil in it, but is that oil a shipping oil...
  4. Masterflux AC installed but having issues

    Technical Discussion
    I installed a new Masterflux AC unit and controller in my VW conversion and I'm having problems. 1999.5 VW Golf, 208V Thundersky 90ah, Warp 9, Soliton 1, Meanwell 600w DC2DC, Elithion BMS. Compressor was easy to install with custom hoses. Finished install in late August, cools great as long as...