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    Sold the car, SPM 72400 is now sold too
  2. Controllers
    I have been using alltrax spm for the past two years. Yesterday I was driving my normal trip from work to home (only 1.5 miles). During driving I heard a blow noise (it could be the noise of the contactor went off) and I lost power. No supply, everything gone.. I pulled off the road whilst the...
  3. Controllers
    hello i am a newbie to these regenerative type controllers that are not homebrew and have question: if one is driving along and used their left foot to hit the brake while one foot is on the throttle, how does Kelly or Alltrax handle such a thing? i am on the fence about whether to build my own...
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    ***SOLD***NEW 26 CALB 40ah Lifepo4 ****************************** sold
  5. Technical Discussion
    The reason I ask is because I am collecting parts to do a super cheap conversion of a Mazda MX-3. I basically have everything I need already. It will be a low performance city runabout/commuter and to keep costs way down I am using an Alltrax 7245 that I picked up for $300. I am going...
  6. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Well i finally made enough progress that i can justify making a build thread. Main info: 1996 Saturn, ~140,000 miles Engine spun a bearing, repair costs over $1000(paid $1000 for the car at 92kmiles) car also has a bad wheel bearing, that will need fixed. Motor: Yale/Hyster 24/36 volt to be...
  7. All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi, everyone. I'm writing looking for advice and/or real world, dirty hands help to restart a dormant conversion project. Here are some details: '73 VW Super Beetle Conversion kit from Wilderness EV in Utah - they don't offer this kit anymore Shunt motor 48V system Kit was controller-less...