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  1. For Sale: Dow Kokam 80AH 88V 15kWh Pack - $800 OBO

    I used these in my electric Karmann Ghia for around 2 years. I got them used, and some of the cells aren't as good as others. 24 Cells per module and there are two modules. I have already attached BMS wires. The worst part about these modules is that the cells are epoxied together inside the box...
  2. Help Buying Power Connectors for Curtis1238+AC50+96V system.

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am working on a 2000lbs electric vehicle using the Curtis 1238 Motor Controller and AC 50 Motor powered by 96 volts lead acid deep cycle. I want to have the all the electronics in a box and have panel mount circular connectors for 1/0 cables so I can disconnect and...