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  1. Stealth NightHawk Amps Diving on Acceleration

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone. I am new to the forums because for the first time, i have an issue with my Stealth NightHawk Hybrid cart. For those that don't recognize the name, Stealth was a US electric cart manufacturer of off road/hunting carts. they went out of business in 2013. My NightHawk is a...
  2. Technical questions about engines

    Technical Discussion
    Hi, I have two technical questions about engines: The first is about power , I know that all electric motors gives maximum power as soon as you start , I mean a 500w motor will try to give it maximum output power from the beginning not as fuel engines right? And also they try to spin at their...
  3. Diminished range on new battery pack!!

    EV Performance
    Hi All, Scratchin my head here....just installed a new set of Interstate 8volt GC8-HD-UTL batteries (9) and have about 500 miles on them. I originally had a range of about 25 miles, but this last week it has dipped to about 8 miles, which is luckily my total commute, but barely made it...
  4. HV Disconnect Switch

    Technical Discussion
    I'm helping some guys build a 144V 500 amp EV (Chevy S10) and they want a HV Disconnect Switch. I'm pretty sure I bought the one at cloudelectric, but it says its a 5000 amp at 12V, or 2500 amp at 24V, or..... Is this the proper switch to...
  5. Curtis 1231C power

    While waiting for my Zilla to be fixed (my fault, Zilla's rule!), I installed my Curtis 1231C in the truck. Its a 500 amp controller, but I'm only getting 200 amps off the battery side, not sure of motor side. When I had previously had it installed, it put out a full 500 amps. The Curtis...
  6. Battery scoping

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, So the plan is to take an '84 Mini 1000 and electrify it. I was looking at a 120V 200Ah setup. I'm looking for advice on what batteries to get, how to design the battery pack, if my sizings are appropriate and what its ultimately going to cost me. Also wondering how to setup the...
  7. S-10 with a Kelly 650 AMP

    EV Performance
    I had an S-10 with a Curtis 500 amp. Did 77MPH. I sold it,:(, and bought a better S-10 and have installed a Kelly 650 AMP controller. Problem is, I'm only getting 45mph. Dont have amp meter yet, so I'm not sure what its putting out, but with the old truck, I had a Kelly 500 AMP and it only...