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  1. PowerWatcher 3.0 - Android Dashboard for EV

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello everyone! We've just released PowerWatcher 3.0 Yay:)! This device collects various data from your electric transportation device and displays it on your Android smartphone. You can control the energy consumption of the battery in different modes of movement, receive a lot of useful...
  2. Android based dashboard for EVs

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello, I've been looking on the web for a Android based dashborad in order to get a look to the gauges and volatge, amps, etc..readings in a DIY electric vehicle ( like the one from "Electric Motorwerks"). I did not find any DIY proyect or kit for sale (2017). Do you guys have some...
  3. Bluetooth Serial Adapter for Zilla/Elithion - Android

    Technical Discussion
    How to access Elithion or Zilla via an Android tablet (instead of having to connect a PC via USB/serial cable): I bought 2 serial-bluetooth adapters from here: About $59 each. These ones allow the baud rate etc... to be set via the...
  4. Low cost cell voltage monitoring development

    Batteries and Charging
    Low cost parametric cell monitoring development update. I have been developing an idea on how to make a low cost cell monitoring system. I would like to share some of my design requirements and progress to see if the product might meet the needs and desires of others. I am only at the...
  5. Android GUI development, feedback please

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Work in progress needs some feedback. I bought an Ardunio Mega ADK board with the idea that it would be my master controller for my EV project. I was able to program the ardunio board to commutate the two brushless motors inside the Prius Transaxle via the Prius inverter. I haven't fully...