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  1. Corvette Conversion

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    I've been wanting to convert my 1982 corvette to electric for a while but all of the information that I have found thus far has either been on manual transmissions or doesn't go into detail when it comes to converting automatics. I was just wondering how different the process would be when...
  2. Converting a BMW 318ti, E36, Wellington NZ

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Starting this build thread as it seems the best way to go on DIYElectricCar to get help during the build. I have done a blog post on where I was up to most recently: Next steps planned are: * Empty and remove the fuel tank - planning to...
  3. Automatic battery bottom balancer

    Batteries and Charging
    Am having an automatic battery bottom balancer made which I will probably sell on my website. Would EV builders be interested in purchasing? Cheers Theo
  4. Donor car - automatic OK?

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    Hi, I'm just starting at the very first step; still a way to go to first base. I've seen some discussion on clutch vs no clutch, but not seen anything about donor cars with automatic transmission. Is that because everyone (except me) knows it's a really bad idea or because it's so simple...
  5. 1984 Volvo Conversion. Will this work?

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    I have yet to do a conversion. I keep psyching myself up to do a high-end conversion (AC/lithium) on my wife's Toyota Matrix but I have a massive fear of project failure. I bought a $400 winter beater a couple of months ago, a 1984 Volvo 244. All it does is get me to work and back. But I got...
  6. Soliton: automatic or manual transmission?

    This question is addressed to Evnetics, but every experience are welcome. I ponder on my next conversion and got a fundamental question: Would you recommend an automatic or a manual transmission for your Soliton Junior and Soliton 1?
  7. Automatic Chevy S10

    Technical Discussion
    I've got a Chevy S10 with a 5 speed, and with almost 15000 miles in Wisconsin, its getting a little bit rusty. Its falling apart! Probably doesn't help that I go really fast. And I drive on the salty roads cause my Prius gets only 45-50 mpg. Anyone want a Prius? I'm going to get a newer S10...
  8. Planning 1965 Plymouth Valiant Conversion

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    Just joined the forum and... Skill Level: I know how to take a car apart and rebuild it. mechanically/electrically inclined. Range: i've already worked out perpetual energy source= limitless(semi-willing to discuss legitimately) Performance: the highest possible, power is no concern (see...
  9. AC motors and automatic transmissions

    Electric Motors
    I have read about automatic FWD cars being connected to DC motors and changing gear at a fixed RPM. Is it practical to connect an AC motor to an automatic transmission and utilise a similiar approach, are there any benefits in doing so, and would there any problems? To narrow the scope of...
  10. New Project

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I have been enjoying reading the forums over the past year and have today bought a vehicle to use in an EV project. I selected a 1996 Ford Mondeo, which I believe is called a Ford Contour in the US (I live in New Zealand). I'm thinking I'll be using a DC motor and lead acid or AGM batteries...
  11. Auto trans and cluelessness

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Okay, I fear this is going to be a book and my typing skills are very poor so I will try to sum this up quickly. I need an electric car on a truly nuts budget. I have a 1984 dodge Omni right now it has a 2.2 ICE motor with an auto and it’s just too costly to run and my summer car is worse. Most...