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  1. azure Dynamics AC75 & DMOC 645 Controller

    Electric Motors
    I have just purchased this motor and controller. Cannot find any references to this motor anywhere on google! Can anybody shed some light on specifications? Thanks. Aldo.
  2. For Sale: 2.36:1 Gearbox for Siemens Motors KDS Silvatech - Make Offer!

    These E560 Gearboxes were custom built for 3-phase Siemens Motors. The ratio is 2.36:1 making it just about perfect for doing a very simple direct drive rear wheel drive conversion using a Siemens motor. For most EVs the magic final drive ratio number is somewhere around 8:1 or 9:1. If you plug...
  3. Azure-Dynamics AC24LS motors

    Electric Motors
    I received a bunch of AC24LS motors in different incarnations and since I haven't found out much about them I figured it might be useful to start a thread here which can become a repository of information concerning said motors. What I have learned thus far just from what is written on the...