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  1. Public charging, how does it work?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi, I want to start an EV conversion on our 1987 Nissan Patrol. But charging is just a blur to me, I get that home chargers use the connector of your choosing, but can I just buy a certain plug, and a charger off of (which I found to be a supplier in Europe) and plug it in at (for...
  2. WANTED: Batteries! So.Cal (possible trade for Ranger EV parts?)

    Hello folks! I have got a pair of factory Ford Ranger EVs, one of which I am attempting to "restore" and get back on the road! I'm looking for a high voltage pack to do a Lithium swap on the white truck. As a young (22 yo.) EV enthusiast, I don't have a ton of money to spend, so I am on a bit...
  3. Pouch cell spacing

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi,We're an fs team based out of Mumbai, india. We are using LiCoO2 pouch cells for our battery pack and I wanted to know if it is a good practice to keep pouch cells in contact with each other by their faces. What can be the consequences and issues and is there any way to avoid them?
  4. Maintenance plugs for batteries

    Batteries and Charging
    We are a second year EV team and are looking for alternatives to amphenol radlok maintenance plugs that we used last year. Also, if you have or have had self designed maintenance plugs, could you share some relevant information? It would be of great help. Our battery configuration is 100s1p...
  5. Converting 2002 VW Golf

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello! I am considering converting my 2002 Golf to electric. For my daily commute, I need a range of at least 60 miles and a top speed of at least 75 mph, although I would prefer a range closer to 90-100 miles if I can make it work with my budget, which should probably max out around $13000...
  6. Semi-OT: Deep-cycle Lead Acid UPS Batteries for home power

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello all. I work in a data center, and we recently replaced our UPS systems. As part of this project, I was given the opportunity to take the old UPS/ATS system home. Unfortunately, the system was a 3-phase 480 volt system and there was no means of connecting it to my 220v home power. I did...
  7. Questions about powering Tesla Motors

    Batteries and Charging
    I'm looking into using a Tesla motor for a time attack car and are having questions regarding what batteries and how many it is going to require. My current plan is to use the batteries from a Chevy Volt to run the motor but I am looking for other options. The Chevy Volts battery bank is a...
  8. Likely an easy question to answer about charging

    Batteries and Charging
    So I am looking to get 6 40v packs, each 18.4Ah. I plan to make 3 sets of 2 pairs, so I get 120v and 36ish Ah. Now I see a few chargers that are capable of this 120v charging for these lithium batteries, but they are fairly pricey. I was wondering if it was possible to use three 40v chargers...
  9. A123 module charging question

    Batteries and Charging
    Hey everyone! I am currently working on a conversion and spotted these packs for sale on eBay. Now I know the dollar per kilowatt isn't that great on these, but I am trying to keep the costs low, so I plan to start out with a few of these for a proof of concept and then upgrade down the road...
  10. Help needed in Western USA/Canada

    Batteries and Charging
    Hey DIYEVers, I need help/direction with my project kicking off this summer 2018. If you visit my projects webpage you will find most of the details for where the project is standing, which is all just plans at the moment. Currently I am looking for professional/experienced DIYer help to...
  11. Tesla Battery Modules + Electric Boat Part Out

    I am parting out (or selling whole if interested) an electric boat that is almost complete, there is a control system problem which might very well come down to a loose connection in a wiring harness. LOCATION is SF BAY AREA (Oakland) Video of boat -
  12. Is this battery good?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, For my electric trike I had been using Lead Acid 48V 100Ah batteries which I now intend to replace with Lithium ion. I have two manufacturers near my place that have this type of batteries in stock: Would this battery be able to deliver a...
  13. Battery eplacement options for Kandi Coco

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello, I am the recipient of a 2009 Kandi Coco from a relative who purchased it due to the major tax credits and never drove it. It has the original Trojan T-1275 Plus batteries with a single point watering system. It has sat in storage after being drive off the lot. I recently saw the...
  14. Putting together two lithium (18650) packs in series

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello all, I've got a bit of a question. I'm looking to upgrade my battery pack to a home-made 18650 pack, but I know in the future I'm going to be doubling my voltage and upgrading the motor, controller etc. I can't afford to do this now, but I'm wondering if I can build half my pack now to...
  15. 6 x 138ah 12v Valence Batteries U27-12XP

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    6 x 138ah 12v LiFeMgPO4 Valence Batteries U27-12XP 720 USD Cheap or expensive? LiFeMgPo4 720 USD I am based in Paris, France and have a camping car for which I need auxiliary batteries and later plan to...
  16. charts and graphs and equations

    New Member Introductions
    I need badly to see more charts and graphs and equations to help me understand the relationships between all these units of measurement I hear related to ev conversions. We need like a master chart for every known usable component on the market or in a salvage yard. starting with battery...
  17. Battery

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello, I am new here so if this thread is not in the right place my bad. I recently bought a 1992 Suzuki GSX with a bad motor with the intent to convert it to electric. I found a 5 kw 72V BLDC motor from golden motor used online for a very reasonable price. total i have spent around 400...
  18. Battery Charging: Help!!

    Batteries and Charging
    Hey everyone, Here is my story, and my situation. (I will keep this part short) I have been working on converting a 1985 pontiac fiero for 9 years. 9 YEARS!! I know that is a long time but I wasn't going to give up. I actually ended up restoring the fiero because the further I dug, the more I...
  19. Help needed to find batteries. (thundersky)

    Hey folks.**A friend and I are trying to resurrect a neglected electric car, unfortunately ~16 of the cells in the pack appear to be discharged beyond hope. The cells are ThunderSky TS-LFP160AHA.**Anyone have a tip on where we might find some used cells affordably? Alternatively we may swap...
  20. Help calculating voltage needed to reaching desired top speed

    Batteries and Charging
    Before I begin I want to just clarify that I am new to the EV conversion scene. In fact, I am pretty new to car specifications in general whether it’s regular combustion or electric engines so please give me some slack when it comes to terms and all. I am a nooby. The other week I was looking...