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battery capacity rating

  1. MIDAC Batteries

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello everyone! I'm having trouble establishing in what year and month my Midac EW100 traction batteries were made. I have this code (339330) which is written on the top of the battery and I don't know how to read it and find out the year and month when they were built. I'm using them on a...
  2. What motor and amperage should I use?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi,I'm trying to convert a Mitsubishi Lancer, because it is not a heavy car, and also I like it and it has enough space for the batteryes. My question is what kind of motor should I use? I've seen a FB1 4001A or a Warp 9 (they are almost the same), as you see I'll use a DC system. Are those ok...
  3. Hos to calculate all the volts ev is going to need?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi, I'm new at this forum, and I'm doing all my calculations to build my ev, I'm from South America, so it is not easy to get all the stuff I need, thats why I need to be sure what I'm gonna do. I would like to know a few things,but for now I would like to know if someone know how to calculate...
  4. 96 volt pack to a 90 volt system?

    Electric Motors
    hey there this is my first post. I found a 1991 colenta pick up, here in holland, the pack is 15 x 6volt/160Ah, 90 volt agm and it is sulfated. I need new batteries and began to think of a lithium conversion. The closest pack voltage i can find is 96 volt. Would the extra 6 volt difference fry...
  5. Anyone Have Some Real World Data?

    Technical Discussion
    I'm a little unclear on (among other things) battery capacity requirements. This uncertainty has arisen due to comments I keep seeing from people about LiFePO4 cells with a C3 rating being marginal for a street EV. For example: Someone recently said that a Hi-Power 100A cell with a C3 rating...