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  1. thinking about converting 1988 Jeep Wrangler

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    Hello! I am making this post as a sort of reality check. I am VERY NEW to the idea of converting my car... I am thinking of converting my 1988 Jeep Wrangler to an EV (either all electric or hybrid... I don't know yet). My skills as a mechanic are somewhat limited, but I have a lot of Jeepster...
  2. Motorcycle conversion, where to begin?

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    Good Day, I'd like to convert motorcycle to electric for a summer project. I haven't found a donor bike yet, but I'm fond of 80's Japanese cruisers. I've turned a few wrenches in my time, but I'm no mechanic, and fabrication will be a completely new experience for me. I'm hoping to have...
  3. Land Cruiser EV

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    Hi, I would like to convert a Toyota land cruiser 2001 automatic transmission to an electric vehicle. Is it possible to be done on an automatic transmission, and I would like to use it for mud driving which motor should I go for an AC or DC and what type of batteries to get the highest range and...
  4. EV Conversion in Japan

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    Hello! I've been following the EV scene for a few years, and am thinking about trying to convert one on the cheap, just for fun (not a gas-hater). I live in Japan and am wondering if there are any other users living here who might have some tips? I'm thinking of starting with an older kei van...
  5. Nissan Micra The Commuter Build

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    Hi all, Would like to convert my 20 year old Nissan Micra to EV. I've read that it is possible and hope some of you people would be willing to give me a hand. Experience: *Practically none. *Some Once Upon A Time Electric Engineer friend, and we can get a bit of help from retired...
  6. First Build

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    I am only 15 and looking to convert an El Camino or truck for my first vehicle. They aren't the best choices but I don't want to drive a small car. I don't want to go completely overboard in price but I know it won't be cheap. Also, I want it to have some power and speed. I just have several...
  7. Donor car - automatic OK?

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    Hi, I'm just starting at the very first step; still a way to go to first base. I've seen some discussion on clutch vs no clutch, but not seen anything about donor cars with automatic transmission. Is that because everyone (except me) knows it's a really bad idea or because it's so simple...
  8. "Legend Chaser" conversion

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    Hello all, first post and relatively naive so be gentle ;) I have a very ambitious conversion planned and I would like to have your feedback/expertise. The plan is to use a honda crx hf and create a long range cruiser that can go farther than 200 miles (goal is 300) on a charge at 65 mph. This...
  9. New member, first post.

    New Member Introductions
    First, thanks so much for all the great information and links to offsite information. Man, talk about information overload! :) I have been considering an EV conversion project for a couple of years, but never started it. I am a big fan of proper planning, so I am in the planning stage now...