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  1. Yuyangking Bluetooth Speed Controller Assistance for Wiring

    Electric Bikes
    Is anyone able to give some assistance with the wiring of the items below? I have a 24 v controller and a 48 v 2A battery I've done some research and drew a schematic which is the attachment here. Theres a link to all the items that need to be connected: Electric Bike 48v 50 A 1000w controller...
  2. Shunt Current divider

    Technical Discussion
    Hy I was surfing for practical current divider applications where I found this piece of metal: The manufacturer names it Shunts current divider for Car and Bikes. I am familiar with the cdr circuits (like the one below), Pic: Current Divider rule Link where I got pic: Alibaba But can't relate...
  3. Do you know bike rental in scenic spot in Europe? Please reply me. thanks.

    Electric Bikes
    Do you know bike rental in scenic spot in Europe? Please reply me. thanks. :confused::confused::confused:
  4. Wanting to build a small EV using wheelchair motors & larger tires. Similar builds?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Wanting to build a small EV using wheelchair motors & larger tires. Similar builds? So I'm wanting to create a small EV using electric wheelchair motors, larger tires, and a modified frame from a wheelchair. This would seat one person (and might be a tight fit), but my goal is for it to be...
  5. Help Starting a new e-bike

    Electric Bikes
    Hi, I'm going to build an e bike, and I just want to know a few things, my area is a very flat area, and I would need to move as too as 40 km or 50km in an extreme situation. I'm 90 kg, so I would like to know if it is ok with a 500W motor or I should need a 750W or 1000W motor??, ( I don't...
  6. electric pit bike

    Electric Bikes
    hello i have been doing this project for a while and havent really got anywhere with it basics are 125 cc engine that had heavy top end damage. so i got to thinking electric i want to keep the gearbox 4 spd maybe no point to it but i am hopng that would give me the oppertunity to use smaller...
  7. American Made Lithium Battery Packs

    Parts Vendors
    We sell lithium manganese battery packs that are made by AllCell Technologies in Chicago, IL USA. They are high quality batteries that we use with our electric bikes. We have 36V and 48V battery packs available for purchase on our website. If you need a lightweight lithium battery for your...
  8. Planning Honda Civic Wagovan Hybrid Electric/Pedal Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I have a 1984 Honda Civic Wagovan that more or less runs and am wanting to convert it to hybrid pedal/electric power. I am basing the possibility of pedal power on Michel de Broin's Shared Propulsion Car in which he has four pedal sets on an 86 Buick Regal. I figure if he can get four people to...
  9. Mountain Bike converted w/o kit

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I'm new to this area of electronics, but I feel I have a decent idea of what I'm doing. I'm basically just throwing this out there for any help from some seasoned veterans in this area. I should probably start by stating my skill level. I am 17 years old, a high school senior, attend Electronics...
  10. Electric Cycle w/Alternator

    Electric Bikes
    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the EV scene. Been kicking the idea around for quite awhile now but life gets in the way, or your young & naive & listen To Someone when they say "It only works for 10 miles then you Gotta charge overnight. Very impractical." I'm Getting everything together for an...
  11. For Sale: Electric Harley

    (This is not mine. I am posting it for a local friend. I did some consulting assistance in the design and construction of the conversion. -Ben) For Sale: The Sparkster - 1979 Harley Davidson Sportster Custom Conversion This Sportster has been custom converted to a totally battery-electric...
  12. What is the benefit of electric bike?

    Electric Bikes
    Hi friends, What is benefit of electric bike over normal bike? Thanks Albert