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  1. We recently had the privilege of taking ownership of the volt 2.0!

    EV News
    Taking ownership of the volt 2.0! (SURPRISED) Went on a test drive with a blue 2017 volt, it exceeded my expectations. The body was slim, curvaceous, and stuck to the road like a sports car. Lovely car, inside and out!
  2. Used Calb 100 AH blue cells

    We have 32 heavily used CALB 100ah blue cells for sale. They show the following resistance: 7 - 1.2 ohm 17 - 1.3 ohm 4 - 1.4 ohm 1 - 1.5 ohm 3 - unknown The resistance readings were taken while under load and recorded from the BMS. These were pulled and replaced from a 700V pack. $45/cell...