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    Batteries and Charging
    I am having a hard time selecting the proper bms for my 32650 lifepo4 build 27s18p, 97.2 when fully charged and 300A discharge current peak for a 10kw motor with 30kw peak. I have little knowledge about the charger as well, but I understand the power balance current is related to bms-charger...
  2. Batteries and Charging
    Hello, Been a while since posted. My latest effort is to build a series of 12VDC packs that are 'drop-in' replacements for a standard 12 deep-cycle battery for my camper. Battle Born batteries is already doing this for a fee of nearly $1000 per batter for a 100 Ah battery. I happen to have...
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    Hi, I am looking at converting a golf cart to work on Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. I have the mechanical part figured out. I am looking at using 36 cells in series, which means I need a BMS. I am planning on using Linear Tech's LTC6802-1 BMS IC. What resistances should i used to connect the...