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    Howdy all! I'd like to convert a gas-powered ski boat -- mostly because my family says I can't ;) That said, I'm worried this isn't practical! I've read that I need 90 hp minimum to be a viable ski boat... does anyone know how I could achieve that? I'd like to spend less than $1,000 on the...
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    I am parting out (or selling whole if interested) an electric boat that is almost complete, there is a control system problem which might very well come down to a loose connection in a wiring harness. LOCATION is SF BAY AREA (Oakland) Video of boat -
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    Hi everyone, I've been fantasising for some time about the possibility to convert a diesel powered boat into a series hybrid, using a diesel generator and a LiFePo battery pack connected to an electric car motor. It would be a semi stationary live-aboard, so run time requirements are pretty...
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    I know this is a bit off the electric car line, but it IS my new project, and I'd love some advice/input, etc. We're in the process of building a sternwheel pontoon boat, using a 6 foot, 8 bucket wheel and two 30 foot pontoons. I would love to electrically power the thing, using battery power...
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    The ICE in my 17' Bayliner with a outdrive died. Has anyone sucsessfully converted a stern drive boat to electric? What do you suggest to keep the performance comparable to original?