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  1. Boxster adapter plate dimensions

    Technical Discussion
    HI i am in the proccess of designing my 1997 Boxster conversion here in Australia and i am finding it very hard to get any response from suppliers about adaptor plates in the US. Does anyone out there have any measurements or plans for a Boxster G86 gearbox adapter plate so i can get one locally...
  2. Planning - EV 2000 Porche Boxster - No idea what I am doing.

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    HI all, excited to be on the forum and hopeful to start on this project but I am going to needs lots of input and help. I don't mind reading and researching so feel free to point me to existing places to find the info I need. I want to take a 2000 Porche boxster and convert it to EV, I want to...
  3. Porsche Boxster EV $3500 Sacramento, CA

    The Boxster was my racecar project, but just don't have the time or money to build a racecar, have a solar powered yacht that is my priority now. I was selling as a roller, but have now got the 9in ADC motor and 5-speed and small motor controller and will soon be able to actually drive it as an...