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  1. 9.25" Forklift Motor - How to rebuild? Splined coupling?

    Electric Motors
    Long time forum lurker, and first time poster, I am looking for advice for rebuilding/recommissioning my series wound forklift motor. I believe the motor is from a Caterpillar F40D (part no.9R5430) and is 9.25"ø weighing approx 70kg. I have begun disassembly (see photos) and am now looking to...
  2. D&D Motors ES31-B brushes - When to replace?

    Electric Motors
    I am the new owner of a 1971 Super Beetle Convertible that was converted to electric by the previous owner. The previous owner used a Wilderness Electric conversion kit. The kit included a D&D Motors ES31-B DC motor. The vehicle was converted 6 years ago and has seen plenty of use. I just...
  3. National Carbon T300 brushes from EV-West

    Electric Motors
    I just got some "new" carbon brushes for my Netgain Warp9 from EV-West but I am a little confused. The brand new brushes are already used (see photos). Some questions got in my mind: - are these used brushes? - is this a seating-service, not announced in the online shop? - how long should they...
  4. Just bought a used I have questions :)

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    82 Ford EXP EV Restoration....with new questions 7/31. Just bought an older ev (converted in the late 90's ) to "restore" with my Dad. When I say restore, the car has been sitting a while and has no batteries. We were hoping to upgrade to 120 or 144 volts from 96 but were trying to avoid...
  5. Advancing Brushes Explanation

    Technical Discussion
    -How high can you go in voltage before advancing the brushes becomes necessary? -On a 36V or 48V forklift motor, is advancing necessary if I want to give it 72V? -What happens if you do not advance the brushes? I understand the principle of timing advance in an ICE, but can someone explain why...