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  1. Remy HVH250 electric brushless motor 90kW - 550$ on eBay

    Electric Motors
    HI there I have seen some of these Remy HVH250 electric brushless motors advertised on Ebay and they sell for as low as 550$. It is a cartridge motor so it will need a housing but considering they sell new for 6000$ new... . I found also this one -...
  2. FS: Siemens 1FV5139 Perm Mag Motor/Generators 85-117kW Rated. Make Offer

    Here is a very powerful high-end water cooled Siemens 1FV5139-6WS28 Permanent Magnet 3-phase AC Motor Generator for electric vehicles or hybrid applications. Azure Dynamics (formerly Solectria) used these massive top of the line Siemens units as generators in hybrid applications. They are also...
  3. 2 BLDC motors on one shaft with the same drive?

    Electric Motors
    Hey guys, I'm new to this site, and am a university student studying Electrical and Electronics engineering. I just completed a design project controlling a BLDC motor (pretty low powered at 60V, and giving output rpm of about 6000rpm). Now I had an idea where instead of using a single BLDCM...
  4. Electric longboard

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    So i just joined here and have been lurking for a while. im planning on building an electric longboard, i have access to a machine shop so i can make the gear housing and truck mount myself. here's some parts ive spec d out, what do you guys think? motor esc batteries (might buy 2 of these)...
  5. Planning to build electric longboard, need some help

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    YO, I've been browsing ebay in the hopes of locating parts to construct an electric longboard to cruise around campus with. I need some help as far as finding the correct parts for the application. I'm looking for speed up to 20 miles an hour, at least 10 miles range, and a total build cost...