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  1. Ski Boat Conversion

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    Howdy all! I'd like to convert a gas-powered ski boat -- mostly because my family says I can't ;) That said, I'm worried this isn't practical! I've read that I need 90 hp minimum to be a viable ski boat... does anyone know how I could achieve that? I'd like to spend less than $1,000 on the...
  2. 1986 Mustang GT with WarP9

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    Hello I just picked up a used conversion kit and I thought I'd put it in my 1986 Ford Mustang GT. The car is in pretty rough shape so this will be an EV conversion and vehicle restoration at the same time. Currently I am an engineering student concentrating on Electrical Engineering at East...
  3. 1974 Chevy Nova

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    I still own a 1974 Chevy Nova two door. It is a inline 6 speed with 3 speed standard transmission. I was thinking about removing all of the internal combustion parts and having an adapter plate fabricated that will bolt onto the existing transmission. I may also need a motor. And a coupler...
  4. New to this and need estimates for costs

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone, I'm super new to all this and am looking to set up a budget for an electric RV or Cargo Van. My plan is to convert a larger vehicle like an RV or a Sprinter van, my focus is going to be on range and charging speed which I am sure are two very incompatible things, given that a...
  5. New to the concept

    New Member Introductions
    My thoughts of converting a car to electric power began when I couldn't get my 93 Geo Metro running right. While searching for tips on youtube, I watched several videos featuring them being converted. I have since corrected the problem and am once again happy with my pregnant roller skate...
  6. Kia Ora from New Zealand

    New Member Introductions
    this year I have decided to start a project car, then I saw Gav's EV (kiwiEV) on youtube, quite inspiring ! Im still debating weather to do this or renovate the house ? my goal would be a daily driver that can commute 20k (12.4mile) to work , half town driving & half open road (100kph / 62mph)...
  7. performance EV on a budget!

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    Hello, This is my first post here, so let me introduce myself I am a 16 year old looking to build an electric car from a 1968 Datsun 510 for my first car... My dad has been racing ICE Datsun 510s for about 14 years, it has been my favorite car for a looooonnng time! I'm looking for good...
  8. College Student EV consulting

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    Hey, Im a 20 year old college student, recently got inspired to build an EV. I did a lot of research in the past several weeks, however some things i still dont understand. Here are the suggested questions that i need to answer for recommendations from other users: Your skill level with auto...
  9. Auto trans and cluelessness

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    Okay, I fear this is going to be a book and my typing skills are very poor so I will try to sum this up quickly. I need an electric car on a truly nuts budget. I have a 1984 dodge Omni right now it has a 2.2 ICE motor with an auto and it’s just too costly to run and my summer car is worse. Most...
  10. Step 1: How to plan a DIY Electric Motorcycle

    Last week I said that this blog would be part journal, part guide to the conversion process but I've decided to separate those two categories by having a build thread for the bike with pretty pictures and having this blog as a sort of step by step guide. I'll still give you updates here but...
  11. Where to find batteries?

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    I'm going to build an electric bike out of an old gs500 but im on a tight budget and having a hard time finding batteries for it. I'm thinking 48volts so I need four and since they need to be cheap i want flooded lead - acid. Any ideas?