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  1. Covered Trike Build Log

    Electric Bikes
    The goal: Have a comfortable method of going to and fro from school without needing to pay for insurance and gas. my main goal is comfort, not speed. (not that I can have much speed anyways since I'm limited to a 500w motor unless I want to pass it through inspection, which I don't) The start...
  2. 214 hp E-Motorcycle built from scratch!

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hey everyone on the Diyelectriccar forum! We are team EMUS (Electric Motorcycle of Universite de Sherbrooke), a team of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering students from Sherbrooke, Quebec in Canada! We are currently launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to complete the...
  3. Lighter Body

    EV Performance
    I want to make my car lighter, so the most effective way I can see doing that is by replacing all of the metal body panels on my car with fiberglass/carbon fiber ones. anyone know an easy method for doing this? I know I can just buy fenders and hoods but what about trunk and the other stuff...
  4. University Senior Design project

    Batteries and Charging
    First off this is not a joke or anything. For our senior design project we are required to build a battery charger for an electric van. A little background - our university has a student transportation system, which consists of 15-passenger Ford E-350 vans that drive around campus from 5 PM...
  5. New and First EV Build, '76 Ford Courier

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Well guys, I'm looking to build an EV with a 1976 Ford Courier. I picked this truch because this was the first truck I ever owned. I thought it would be nice to those memories alive. So I'm looking at the following.... Zilla LV controller 1000A Warp 9 motor @ Running 144V Optima Yellow Top...