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  1. Parts Vendors
    Hi, we are company which sale charging plugs for all electric cars. EVSE is inside of connector. Our charging plug have possibility of selected an ampers from 6A to 16A with 16A cable and 6A to 32A with 32A cable. More informations is on my website If you have any questions...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Not Selecting -> choosing, i don´t know how to change the title of the thread, Sorry. Need your experience. I have a Soliton 1, Kostov K10 that can handle 270A Continuously. My Battery Pack is 144V 180Ah. I will have 2 longer (more resistance) Battery cables from the front to the back of the...
  3. EV Information
    Just wanted to show how I'm making my own cables for interconnecting the batteries, motor & controller. I use welding cable from a local welders supply (Usually get short scraps very cheap), and then buy copper couplings (used to solder copper pipe together) from the local hardware store @...
1-3 of 3 Results