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  1. Fs: 1985 volkswagen cabriolet conversion

    Ready to ride converted all electric with a professional ElectroAutomotive VoltsRabbit kit. Plug in the electric cord where the gas used to go in the car. Charge time is roughly 7 hrs for a dead battery (18 6V FLA's). Did I mention you can pre-heat or cool the car while it's plugged in? And...
  2. 120V VW Cabriolet For Sale

    For Sale: Electric VW Cabriolet conversion. Body, paint (metallic blue), convertible top (white), and interior (grey) all in very good condition. No back seat - space used for batteries. There is a nice carpeted cover for the battery pack. It uses twenty 6V (U.S. Battery brand, model #US-125)...
  3. The de-ICEing begins

    Today we made our first real progress removing the ICE internal combustion engine. We removed the hood, took out the battery, drained the oil, siphoned the gas. We're using the carport although we have to fight the mosquitos. Noah got into it and was a real help. There are about 50 steps to...