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  1. Tesla Model 3 CAD

    Technical Discussion
    I am planning a conversion using the Tesla Model 3 drivetrain and batteries. Does anyone have 3D models or CAD of the subframes and motor? I want to see how it will all fit into the car. I have found some CAD models for the Model S but it does not seem like much exists for the Model 3 other than...
  2. Mustang 1969 CAD Model for Electric Conversion

    Technical Discussion
    Need the CAD model to make a digital model before I can go ahead with actual conversion to electric.
  3. Machine shop recommendations for adapter/coupling job in NorCal

    Parts Vendors
    Hi folks, Can anyone recommend a machine shop in Northern California that can design and cut adapter plates and coupler for EV conversion?
  4. 1971 VW Super Beetle bell housing hole layout

    Technical Discussion
    I'm looking into machining my own adapter plate and was wondering if anyone has (or knows a source that has) the exact hole dimension/layout for the bell housing where the ICE motor was originally mounted. If I just email a place that makes the adapter plates for this model car, will they give...
  5. VW Adapter Plate

    Technical Discussion
    I'm planning on designing (using SolidWorks) and machining (CNC) an adapter plate to transmit the rotational motion from the electric motor to the old VW transmission. Right now I don't actually have the VW but I plan to get it soon. I just want to know the important things to keep in mind...
  6. Looking for TinyCAD schematic files

    Technical Discussion
    Does anyone have schematic files that they're willing to share? I'm toying with TinyCAD to document the specifics of my vehicle (BMW318ti) and how the eV portions blend in with the factory wiring. I'm open to other tools besides TinyCAD, but it was open source and seems to be fairly simplistic...