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  1. For Sale: EV Conversion in San Diego

    I'm selling my converted EV in San Diego, CA. 50 CALB 180AH batteries, Soliton Jr. Controller, 9" DC motor, Zivan Charger. Runs fine. Make an offer.
  2. For Sale: 1995 Jetta EV - $5000

    I’m selling my 1995 Jetta GLX EV Conversion. I’m asking $5000. The car runs, all EV components are functioning. The farthest I ever drove the Jetta on a charge was 70 miles. I typically drive 25 miles on a charge. I completed the conversion in April 2011. I have driven about 28,000 miles since...
  3. Best LiFePo4: CALB/ Winston/ Sinopoly/ WINA/ GBS/ Hi-Power/ HEADWAY/ A123/

    Batteries and Charging
    It's been a while since the first LiFePo4 batteries have been installed on the EVs, and now, after a few years, I think it's time to draw some conclusions about the experience with different manufacturers: performance, cycle life, any kind of problems ... So far I have noticed that many prefer...