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  1. Classifieds
    Local pickup only in Broomfield, CO. $95/battery OBO We have 250 total NEW CALB model CAM72 batteries. Never used, stored in climate controlled warehouse. Each cell provided with one cell connecting link CALB busbar. WE ACCEPT PAYMENT THROUGH ESCROW.COM
  2. Classifieds
    I have 80ea CALB Blue 40Ah LiFe Prismatic Cells from a Plug-In Hybrid job that was cancelled. New, unused, old stock. These were direct ordered and shipped to my shop from CALB. They are in the original wooden crates and I have kept them in a cool garage. They've never been allowed to drop below...
  3. Batteries and Charging
    My truck went down in 2012 and has been sitting since. I drove over a year with the 200ah Calb lifepo4 batteries and decided to replace the manual tx with a 700R4 automatic and put in a larger motor. Just wondering what’s in store when I go to fire it up again. Lots of rewiring and have to...
  4. Classifieds
    I need 8-10 3.2v cells to get my pack back up to the design voltage. I have 160AH Voltronix, about 5 years old. Looking for something in the that range of useful life to get my voltage back up to 144 after losing some to various issues. CALB or any brand is fine if they still have some life left.
  5. Batteries and Charging
    So, I am looking to replace my 44, 8 year old Thundersky 100aH cells in my Bug with an equivalent prismatic LiFePO4 cell. The TS are still useful, but I think it may be prudent to make a change before it gets too late. Plus I may use the TS cells as a "powerwall" setup. I am not interested in...
  6. EV Performance
    Hi everyone, tons of great information on this page. I'm wanting to build a single seat mini buggy along the lines of a Honda Odyssey but electric. I will likely modify some kit plans for a buggy design that normally weighs in at around 618 lbs using a 650cc quad motor that weighs in around...
  7. Batteries and Charging
    CALB specification for their CA series batteries is 2C continuous discharge. I am using CA100 and 200 amps continuous is more than sufficient for cruising. What are "acceptable" discharge rates for acceleration from a red light? Entering onto a freeway? Climbing a hill? Are there...
  8. Classifieds
    I'd like to finish a 4S LiFePO4 pack for my little proa sailboat's electric drive, but I only have 3 CALB SE100Aha cells. So I need one more. Is there anyone in southern BC (Canada), or northwest WA who can spare a cell in good condition?
  9. Classifieds
    We have 32 heavily used CALB 100ah blue cells for sale. They show the following resistance: 7 - 1.2 ohm 17 - 1.3 ohm 4 - 1.4 ohm 1 - 1.5 ohm 3 - unknown The resistance readings were taken while under load and recorded from the BMS. These were pulled and replaced from a 700V pack. $45/cell...
  10. Classifieds
    I purchased these batteries mid 2013 for a project I'm working on, and then I just purchased one of the packs from the EVTV Renault liquidation, so I don't really need the CALB cells any longer. These are brand new, never installed or connected in any way cells. I have 100 of the CALB CA100...
  11. Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, I have been reading up on the bottom balancing method and have seen voltage settings of 2.75v and 2.7v. If the discharging cuttoff voltage is 2.5v on a calb cell, wouldn't it make sense to bottom balance to that voltage? Thanks, Leigh
  12. Technical Discussion
    I have a 92 civic with 144v of 180ah new Calbs, Orion BMS, Zilla 1K, ElCon 5k charger. I have lately had potbox trouble (pb-6) and replaced with new pot. The new pot isn't smooth either. I am also having problems trying to achieve DCL control over Zilla output. I can pull current sensor off...
  13. Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, I have been looking through the interweb on the definition of C charge rates and how they are calculated by manufacturers for each battery. Can someone tell me how manufacturers come up with their 'C' rating for a specific type of cell? Is it the internal resistance of the battery the...
  14. Batteries and Charging
    Individual cells charge to 3.6v Cells in series 3.5v Why? Is the lower voltage number (for cells in series) for the guys that don't use a balancing BMS and use pack voltage to indicate a completed charge?
  15. Classifieds
    ***SOLD***NEW 26 CALB 40ah Lifepo4 ****************************** sold
  16. Batteries and Charging
    I am starting upgrade of my 72 Bug conversion from 144V AGM pack to 288V 100AH Pack. I am deciding between Sinopoly and CALB. Both seem to be available in the US now from Evolve Electrics for $125 and $128 respectively. What is the verdict on Sinopoly? Has it been now proven superior to CALB...
  17. Batteries and Charging
    Following some posts here and at some other forum, I bought an Junsi iCharger 3010B to bring 45 CALB 130Ah cells to one upper level (kind of top balance). Sadly, it doesn't act like I exected. The voltage at the display doesn't shows the cell voltage and so the charging process isn't as...
  18. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I have never really posted because I didn't have anything to contribute. But soon I will. I have bought 62 Calb batteries, 60Ah. I made 2 packs worth 95V 60Ah, wired together made 95V 120Ah (I didn't use all 62 batteries). All that to give power to my HiPer AC50 motor. I wired...
1-18 of 18 Results