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  1. Ev conversion torque calculation and motor specifications.

    Electric Motors
    I am planning to convert a Maruthi Suzuki Esteem into pure electric car run by Switched Reluctance Motor drive . I contacted the motor suppliers and they asked for the details such as the torque of motor required , rpm , voltage , amps . Well from googling , i found a motor of 10 hp and 72 volt...
  2. I need help to figure range before I buy LiFePO4

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello All I need some expert help, I have been doing some calculating and want to see if my numbers are accurate, I used the methods out lined in "Sizing Your Battery Pack" . I would like to have a pack that can handle my 70 KM trip to...
  3. Calculating theoretical efficiency.

    EV Performance
    I'm working on my first EV conversion and really want to run through a lot of theoretical configurations for my battery pack to get the performance I want out of it, but one thing I'm having trouble with is getting an number for "efficiency" or rather, an estimate of watts/mile. This seems to be...