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  1. Electric Motors
    Dear community, I am a beginner and trying to calculate the starting torque for my vehicle project with following specs: Vehicle mass (with passengers and battery)=1000kg Motor selection= AC-20 HPEVS depending on the starting torque i calculate I need to meet the following performance...
  2. Electric Motors
    Howdy Guys, I made a google spread sheet that has a bunch of the calculations needed for building E-boards or any thing EV related. There is an included belt/chain length calculator, Motor power calculations and graphs to go with it, Battery calculations, Range calculations, General board...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I am Masters in electrical engineering ........and im doing my thesis on electric car .............I need help in calculations of power, energy , regenerative braking , acceleration and control strategies so on ........... Thanks in advance for your replies
  4. Technical Discussion
    I have already made a DC-DC converter which takes 12V or 24V from batteries and boosts it to about 300 VDC for use as the DC link voltage for a standard 240 Volt VF drive and three phase motor. This was actually the result of a long process of various trial and error attempts, simulations, and...
1-4 of 4 Results