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  1. Converting Mercedes208 to electric. Where to start?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I have a Mercedes208 camper from 1978 and it is a very polluting and expensive machine to drive. It uses gasoline 1/5.6. The van is in very good condition and has almost no rust. So I am making a plan to convert it to electric. I have some experience with mechanics and do small repairs...
  2. DIY Rapid Charging?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi All, For our Kickstarter project ( Our next van will have rapid charging capabilities built in. I've had a quick look around but can't find a simple answer. I know I can buy a Mennekes socket but the company are...
  3. All Electric Camper Van

    EV News
    Hi all, Please check out our Kickstarter project to convert a classic camper to all-electric. We are based in North Yorkshire and want to build more eDubs (all electric classic campers) and Kickstarter is the way to do this. Any questions please fire away. Some rewards are limited so be quick...
  4. Directions for modular battery for campervan / RV

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi Folks! Although I've been around watching for a while but this is my first post. I would like to ask for your advice regarding what direction to take for building modular battery system for full-time campervan. Let me quickly give it a context so you'd understend what I'm trying to achieve...