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  1. Programmable Interface to fool ECU into thinking engine is present

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I am building an electric car conversion and have plans for other vehicles What I need to find – or develop – is a programmable interface with the vehicle ECU which will act as a clone to the engine (hence the standard ECU maintaining all of the normal safety features of the vehicle and being...
  2. Orion BMS CAN bus Troubleshooting

    Batteries and Charging
    ---SOLVED--- Thanks for all the help Hi everyone, I have an Orion BMS revision E and I'm having trouble connecting the BMS over CAN bus. I have the CANADAPTER that's supplied with the BMS from Ewert Energy. I've contacted Ewert Energy about my problem, but I figured I'd post to the forums and...
  3. Curtis 1238 and CANopen

    Hey guys, first post here at DIYElectricCar. I have a question about interfacing with the Curtis 1238 motor controller over CANbus. I am using this controller in a hand built boat for a club at university. I am trying to display motor data from the controller (such as motor rpms, temperature...
  4. TCCH / Elcon CAN bus charge adjustment box

    Batteries and Charging
    I have to rethink my charging, so I decided to take a closer look at TC chargers (aka Elcon). It seems, that these chargers (with CAN) are more flexible and less expensive than f.e. Zivan charger (which I use today). Now I have to find a way to communicate with the TCCH to set voltage and...
  5. Voltage logger in series?

    Batteries and Charging
    Good Morning EV'ers, Can anyone tell me if there is a voltage logger such as a cellog8 the monitors each cell in series (taking one voltage reading at a time then moving to the next cell in the pack?) I am looking at some options for a monitoring system for 15 cells of LiFePo4. I am thinking...
  6. CANBUS cable

    Technical Discussion
    So I have been back and forth with a Chinese company (cough-BestGo-cough) about a charger that won't pick up the message to begin a charge cycle. My BMS is getting the CAN message and I can see the CAN message going to the charger. My BMS support has pointed out that not all CANBUS transceivers...