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  1. Best second-hand EV as the first car?

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    Hi! As a new resident of the States, I'm thinking about which second-hand EV I should buy as my first electric car. As I noticed, there are way too many factors that need to be taken into consideration, so I collected a couple of questions, hopefully, you can help me in them. I would be glad to...
  2. For Sale: de-ICE'd saturn sl 2000 60k $100 u tow

    scrap'd: de-ICE'd saturn sl 2000 saturn sl 2000 Thanks for the support
  3. EV conversion for a taxi fleet of cars

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    Hello, i am considering starting an EV conversion project for the taxi vehicles in my city and would like to know if this is at all doable. The proposed donor cars weigh from 1000 kg to 1500 kg (without passengers). The cars in question are WV Passat, WV Golf 3 and 4, Reno Megane, Opel Astra...
  4. Rally of Electric Vehicles

    EV News
    Calling all electric car fans and owners! EV Trophy is heading your way! Starting in Copenhagen on May 24 and finishing in Monte Carlo on June 1 electric vehicle rally EV Trophy will be held to support the green future of Europe. With stops in 7 countries, enter to compete over the entire...
  5. electric cars and smart homes

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, For a subject at our school (TU/e) we have to investigate if a new or upcoming technology (Smart Homes in combination with electric cars) is a viable business opportunity. We are doing this investigation by surveying. It would be very nice if you would fill in this survey (takes only two...
  6. Selling EV Car Project

    Hi Folks, As I'm selling my house soon, and likely into something quite small in Wellington, I've decided I likely need to sell my incomplete EV Car project as is. I've put it up on TradeMe to see if any interest. The TradeMe link is:
  7. Converting to Electric

    DIY electric vehicles are a challenge but a good one. Not only can you create something really special and unique, converting an ICE vehicle to electric has some pretty outstanding benefits, including to your wallet, energy security and of course the environment, especially when charged from...
  8. Are the electric cars any good or not ?

    Production EVs
    Hi guys I drive a petrol car, I spend quite a lot of money and I drive a limited amount of miles because I work in London and the traffic is horrible. I was thinking of buying a second hand Prius, but now I am thinking of getting a new Leaf. I am a builder, I need a VERY reliable car. So, I...
  9. For Sale: BMW EV $9,500 obo

    Click here for pictures This has been my commuter for 4 years, it's never broken down, in great diving condition. 2-yo, 14.4 kwh of LiFePO4, 44 x 100Ah Thundersky, 144 vdc, ~1000 effective cycles of 3,000 cycle life. Manzanita Micro 20PFC charger DC Power Raptor 600 motor controller Iota...
  10. Explanation about BMS

    Batteries and Charging
    I would like to know what is the real deal behind the BMS, What does it exactly do? I've done a research on this forum, and a lot of people talks about it, but every body is saying something different... What are the real risk on the lithium batteries so we should use BMS? And is there a real...
  11. What I have discovered while building an EV

    Electric Motors
    I am certainly not the last word on building an electric car. What I can tell you is that my own experience so far has brought me to some conclusions about motors, transmissions and other components that are required. I have never seen a really good electric car that was cheap to build, or cheap...
  12. My First attempt to build an EV

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Please see the video. Click the link below to see my first attempt to build an electric car. The car would go 48 MPH and it had a range of about 40 miles with only 6, 12 volt batteries. The motor ran too hot and I am now starting over with an AC50, 3 phase motor and controller. Best of luck to...
  13. Ideal motor for power bursts to move car

    Electric Motors
    Hi all I'm new to this forum and it's good to be here. I was hoping for some advice about a small project. I'd like to push a standard 2-Litre car at ~5mph for 10 seconds at a time but all the battery packs/motors that are for EV- conversion seem to be overkill but at the same time, I...
  14. EVS26 - California State University EcoCar 2 Team

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Again, I am working with the Cal State LA EcoCar2 team and I wanted to provide an update to the forum. We went to the Electric Vehicle Symposium and manned the EcoCar2 booth with the people from Siemens. There were some really Cool electric cars there. We have quite a few others...
  15. Ev car help

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello there, I am new to forum, And have a number of problems to solve. 1. Electric bike or 2. Electric car or 4 3. Electric transit van 4. Electric sand rail So range is around 50 miles for a bike at [email protected] 240A peak Car is around 150 miles [email protected] 520A peak Transit van 95 miles...
  16. 1st build

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi this is my first post on this forum. I'm 15 years old and have recently taken an interest in EV cars. I have been looking into building an EV car as a summer project. Heres what i need: capable of 45+ mph 40+ miles range under $2500 I have all the tools and mechanical help necessary. I was...
  17. Converting a salvage car to an ev

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Is it a good idea to convert a car that has a salvage title because it was damaged by a flood into a fully electric car.
  18. Sale of project :(

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi all, It is with much sadness that I post this, as I have been really keen on my evbeetle project for over 18months now and have all the parts for the conversion. I now have to look at selling all the EV parts for my car as my situation has changed, and so I am offering almost an entire kit...
  19. College Student EV consulting

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hey, Im a 20 year old college student, recently got inspired to build an EV. I did a lot of research in the past several weeks, however some things i still dont understand. Here are the suggested questions that i need to answer for recommendations from other users: Your skill level with auto...
  20. All electric suburban.

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I have a 99 k1500 suburban that I am considering converting to all electric. I realize it is kind of the opposite of what most people go for when doing a conversion, but it is available and not my primary vehicle. So why not. Questions: Where can I learn about the benefits of different...