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  1. Parts Vendors
    Big Blue Saw is now offering custom waterjet cut carbon fiber parts. If you need an ultra light and ultra strong material for a bracket, brace, or other component, this is the way to go. We'll custom waterjet cut your design from carbon fiber sheet. You may have heard of the work we've done for...
  2. EV Performance
    I want to make my car lighter, so the most effective way I can see doing that is by replacing all of the metal body panels on my car with fiberglass/carbon fiber ones. anyone know an easy method for doing this? I know I can just buy fenders and hoods but what about trunk and the other stuff...
  3. EV Performance
    I am trying to build an EV. I want a top speed around 150 - 175mph I am going to construct most of the car from Carbon Fiber I want the car to plug into a regular U.S. 110v socket I would like to use Li ion batteries. I also want a range of 200-250 miles i would also like to implement...
1-3 of 3 Results