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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello, all! Nissan has recently announced switching to CCS for the future cars, and current CCS chargers can charge with the power of up to 150kWh vs. CHAdeMO - up to 50kWh. Though new revs. of CHAdeMO can compete with that, it will take time for them to win the market back and to upgrade all...
  2. Batteries and Charging
    Hello, I'm new to posting on the forum but I read quite a bit of the interesting projects and discussions. A friend of mine is working with installations and maintenance of charging infrastructure and we came to discuss that he encounters the issue of completing an installation with actual...
  3. Batteries and Charging
    According to the SAE CSS / Combo 2 connectors (IEC 62196-3) for combined AC and DC fast-charging are becoming widely available in Europe and the European council decided to put a halt on the distribution of Chademo stations. Living in Switzerland, I decided to install a Combo 2 socket...
1-3 of 3 Results