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  1. For sale:

    Li-ion, batteries, - $85each (oakland, CA) condition: new make / manufacturer: ALLCELL size / dimensions: 10x3x7 inches. Most are brand new, a few are used. Li-ion batteries for your next project or electric vehicle? 14 volt 50 amp hour 700 watt. Size about 8x10x3 inches. I have 30 of them...
  2. reconfiguring Tesla battery modules to 50v for TR4A project

    Batteries and Charging
    I have battery modules from a p85 Tesla. these are configured 6s74p producing 24.9v at 100% soc. I am only going to use 8 of the 16 modules as they weigh almost 26 kg each and I don't want to overload my Triumph TR4a (see my ev album profile). this will mean I have a 43kwh capacity which will...
  3. For Sale: Voltronix™ individual LiFePO4 3.2V 160Ah cells FOB 92649 - US$184

    These cells are New old stock, about 1 year old, and carry a limited 3 year pro rated replacement warranty and a full 1 year replacement warranty. They are priced at US$1.15/Ah and are FOB 92649, Huntington Beach, CA, USA. I ship via UPS or UPS Freight with an 80% domestic discount to U.S. In...
  4. Hot deals on LiFePO4

    Parts Vendors
    Hi, my name is Tim Foster and I am the CEO of Patriotic Motors and Lithium Supply in Spokane, WA, a conversion shop and battery dealer. I have teamed up with Voltronix™ as a battery supplier and I would like to pass on some savings to you folks here on DIY Electric Car. Voltronix™ uses Winston...
  5. Cell balance vs. temperature

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi. Most of the EV conversions have space and weight distribution constraints which demand that the battery pack will be split into sections. These will be mounted at different locations where the cooling and temperature conditions may be significantly different. Additionally the end cells in a...
  6. Killing Lead Acid batteries

    Batteries and Charging
    I've now overcharged my Trojan T-105's at least four times. I usually leave the charger to do its thing overnight, and twice I've come out around noon to find its still trying to charge the batteries, which are smoking, at 180 degrees F, and have dumped battery acid all over my driveway. I've...
  7. A123 Developer Kit

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I was chasing some internet links around the other day and stumbled upon A123's Developer Kit: If I am reading this correctly you get 6 battery cells, each at 3.3v (for a total of 19.8v) for $129. For $220 you can double that to 12 cells to get...