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  1. ~900 Brand New Sony Murata VTC6A 21700 Cells

    We purchased 1000 brand new Sony Murata VTC6A 21700 cells for an electric airplane project in December 2019. We are going a different direction with batteries now and would like to sell the cells. We took some cells out for testing but about 900 are still in sealed packaging. Asking $6.25/cell...
  2. For Sale: Battery modules, pack, complete drivetrain and other components

    Hi everyone, For sale: Nissan Leaf 2011-12; 500wh module with 75% SOH - 110$ Nissan Leaf 2015*; 500wh module with 90% SOH - 140$ Kia soul 2016; 48V 5kwh usable module - 1600$ Model S modules 5.6kwh SOH 96.4% - 1850$ Volt 2011-15 (2kwh-12S) modules - 700$ Volt 2016-18 (18kwh) Complete...
  3. For Sale: (92) SET: GBS + BMS: $3000

    Brand: GBS Cells: Set of 92 cells + BMS GBS100 - good condition - good for projects - been in storage and kept charged, never been used Pick-up: Los Angeles Price: US$ 3000
  4. Selling lithium-ion sells

    Hello I am looking for interested individuals looking to build custom battery packs for electric vehicles or anyhting you want really. I have a rather large amount of nearly new Boston Power Sonata 5300 cells I am looking to sell at very cheap price. Feel free to contact me with any questions...
  5. Disassembly of Tesla Modules

    Batteries and Charging
    In order to install a 90 kWhr pack in a Tango T600, I need to modify 6 Tesla Modules by reducing them from 6S to 4S, thus removing the 148 cells from the coolant connection end. These 6 modules would be in series with 12 full-sized modules, giving 96S, exactly the number of cells as in a Model S...
  6. Clearing agent for Li-Ion cells in India

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hey guys, I'm working on building a battery pack for my EV project in India and ordered cells from a distributor in HongKong (, but he has not provided me with something called a BIS certificate to clears these cells from the Indian customs at the port of entry. Does anyone have...
  7. WTB - LEAF cells

    Looking for a few cells from a Nissan LEAF pack. Need the entire can, not just the pouches from inside. Looking for 5 - 10 cells. Destination, Dallas, Tx
  8. Has anyone used GEB cells?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi, I have just come accross these batteries which have some impressive specs (not sure on the price yet). Has anyone had any experience with them before? The 40160 looks extremely impressive, including the charge and discharge rates...
  9. For Sale: Voltronix™ case of 14 LiFePO4 3.2V 160Ah cells FOB 92649 - US$2,464

    These cells are New old stock, about 1 year old, and carry a limited 3 year pro rated replacement warranty and a full 1 year replacement warranty. They are priced at US$1.10/Ah and are FOB 92649, Huntington Beach, CA, USA. I ship via UPS Freight with 80% domestic discount to U.S. In case you...
  10. higher voltage vs. more amp hours

    Batteries and Charging
    I have a Warp9, a Soliton Controller feeded by 47 CALB 130Ah cells. First we had 36 cells, than 45, now 47. But it seems that the more voltage doesn't mean that we consume significant less amperage. So if I want to increase the range, would "more cells" and higher voltage or bigger cells with...
  11. For Sale; New Headway 15's $26 each

    I have dozens of extra Headway 15ah LifePO4 cells for sale. We bought a few pallets for Prius Plug In Conversions and have some left over. Model 40152S NEW IN BOX and IN STOCK in Boulder, Colorado. Available for immediate shipment. $26 each + actual shipping cost 2 position orange...
  12. for sale, 100ah HiPower LiFePO4 cells new in box

    I have 48 New 100ah HiPower Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells left over from a project. I paid over $125 each for these and would like to sell them for $90 ea minimum 4 cells. I will ship same or nxt day via USPS Priority Mail for $5 each per cell, and will take returns up to 10 weeks after, as long...
  13. battery cells - experience, lifetime, incidents

    Batteries and Charging
    I'd like to open a thread about experience, lifetime and events about LiFePo4 cells. Please, this shouldn't be a thread of discussions, only for real life experiences. It would be cool, if anyone would take this layout for reporting to better comparing the data: ##### cell type: LiFePo4 cell...
  14. Headway LiFePO4 cells

    Parts Vendors
    I have an order of Headway LiFePO4 Cells on the way via air as we speak. Pre-orders are now available! Please visit for more details or to place an order. These are Headway 38120s 10Ah cells, 5C continous - 10C pulse discharge. -All cells are quality...