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  1. Technical Discussion
    I'm putting together an order at for some mechanical parts and I happened to check out what they have available for parts molding and casting. Some of the products I was interested in are: I was mostly looking at...
  2. Technical Discussion
    I've got a 1500W ceramic heater ready to go in, at 144V with a fan blowing across it, used about 10-12 amps. Tested it without a relay, just had the HV wire connected to one side of the 144V and held the other end. When done, it arched pretty good, makign me guess a normal 12v coiled 30 amp...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hello fellow EVr's, I am a newbie and have recently completed my Geo Metro conversion (though I think no one's conversion is ever really complete) with eight 12 volt batteries for 96 volts as the traction pack. With winter coming in a few short months, my thoughts are turning to heating and...
1-3 of 3 Results