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  1. Wellington status

    Who is doing what in terms of conversions in Wellington at the moment? I am at the starting gate with a plan to convert a 95 BMW 318ti and have set up a blog to both log and plan my activity. Don't expect rapid progress as I have had a couple of false starts and there is a lot of knowledge I...
  2. D&D ES-31B - certificates / documents

    Electric Motors
    Hi, I need some EMC -electro magnetic compatibility (EMV in germany) certificate to get my automobile registration. I asked D&D but they relegated me to the salesman and nothing happened. I hope someone could help me or knows someone who can. Thanks.
  3. Certification - Wellington

    I read on the Christchurch greenev website that it is a good idea to contact your certifier with your design before you begin cutting things out of your car. That sounds like a good plan to me, particularly if one ends up cutting holes in the floor for batteries. Is there someone in particular...
  4. Engineers Compliance report

    Technical Discussion
    Good evening all, I have a question about getting an EV certified for it's compliance certificate (or non-Australian equivilent). How long should it take? My possibly-engineer-to-be has quoted me 20 hours for the compliance check (including the recommendation/ approval to the transport...