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  1. CHAdeMO or SAE Controller

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, I am looking for the CHAdeMO or SAE control (handshake) specifications as we are building our own 50kw low cost DC charger. Is it a closed specification? If so where is the best place to access this or can we just purchase the control boards? If anyone has any ideas that would be...
  2. CHAdeMO tester

    Batteries and Charging
    Hello, I'm new to posting on the forum but I read quite a bit of the interesting projects and discussions. A friend of mine is working with installations and maintenance of charging infrastructure and we came to discuss that he encounters the issue of completing an installation with actual...
  3. All EV battery charging solution in here

    Parts Vendors
    1~4kW on board battery chargers for EV car click here 1~20kW universal and portable EV battery charger click here 50kW CHAdeMO charging station station click here 1~15kW U case charging units click here 1~50kW DC-DC converter click here More new products is on posting in a couple days, the dear...