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  1. Best second-hand EV as the first car?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi! As a new resident of the States, I'm thinking about which second-hand EV I should buy as my first electric car. As I noticed, there are way too many factors that need to be taken into consideration, so I collected a couple of questions, hopefully, you can help me in them. I would be glad to...
  2. 12V Battery SOC Monitor

    Batteries and Charging
    I have designed and built a flexible and efficient battery charge monitor, in this case for a 12V lead-acid battery, but the same basic design can be used for multiple batteries or lithium cells. The basic circuit consists of a Microchip PIC16F1825, which reads the battery voltage using a...
  3. For Sale: Dow Kokam 80AH 88V 15kWh Pack - $800 OBO

    I used these in my electric Karmann Ghia for around 2 years. I got them used, and some of the cells aren't as good as others. 24 Cells per module and there are two modules. I have already attached BMS wires. The worst part about these modules is that the cells are epoxied together inside the box...
  4. electric cars and smart homes

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, For a subject at our school (TU/e) we have to investigate if a new or upcoming technology (Smart Homes in combination with electric cars) is a viable business opportunity. We are doing this investigation by surveying. It would be very nice if you would fill in this survey (takes only two...
  5. back seat/trunk battery

    Batteries and Charging
    Does anyone know if I can wire a secondary battery to my existing battery for an EV or directly to a motor and flip a switch to draw power from it when my EV battery is out of juice? So if I am in a remote area with no charger, and my car is a full EV, can I use a battery sitting in the...
  6. Elcon buzzing

    Batteries and Charging
    I have an ELCON PFC 2000+ I've been using for two years (first year with lead, then reprogrammed last year for lithium). Aside from stupidly popping the AC fuse once, I've been happy with it. Recently I've noticed the sound of the charger having more buzz or crackle when charging. So far...
  7. Is the UK ready for electric cars? questions. survey.

    Batteries and Charging add any other comments you feel will be relevant to my research. UK journalist developing a piece on electric cars.
  8. Pick a plug slider

    Batteries and Charging
    I'm adding a retractable cord reel for opportunity charging; the plan is to have a fixed plug (for attaching to the extension cord in my garage) next to the cord reel plug in some kind of housing where a sliding cover would allow only one plug to be accessible at a time. Has anyone done/seen...
  9. Iota DC/DC converter shorting plug mod

    Technical Discussion
    I found I could cut the green wire on the Iota 45 shorting plug and use a 12V relay to engage max charging while the truck is powered. With the shorting plug out, it trickle charges the 12V battery. With the shorting plug in, it charges at the full capacity, around 14V. Cutting the green wire...
  10. Having problem starting up NLG5

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi all, I am trying to charge a 350V Li-ion battery from enerdel with NLG512 charger. This is my first experience charging a battery for EV, so problems expected but it's bit frustrating from the beginning. The charger is connected to the mains 208V and the monitoring program shows it has...
  11. For Sale - Battery % Charge / Display Modules $20.00 each

    I have 50 Pieces of 12 Volt Battery % (0-10-20....100%) Charge Modules $20.00 each (1 piece / as 1st picture below show) as you can see in the picture this is what each module looks like with each measuring 3" x 3.5" x 1" with green led lights that show Battery % Display Close up view / trip...
  12. Regen with a wind generator?

    Batteries and Charging
    So I wired a wind generator to a controller, battery, inverter and can power a battery and light a 40 watt bulb using a hand crank I made. Yippie for me. But the thought can I connect it to the front of my motor and regen 144V back when braking? How would I connect it to the 144V pack without...
  13. how much towing power for how long?

    Non Road Going Vehicles
    hi, I need a good strong ATV for my ranch, and after seeing how well electric ATVs perform Im considering building one, however, I haven't witnessed or found any information regarding towing capacity, Im looking to spend 3000$ or less, and need something that can tow up to 500lbs, and run for at...
  14. DIY LiFePo4 BMS - low and high voltage protection

    Batteries and Charging
    hi, I have read several threads but didn't get my personal answers, so I decided to make a ew topic. And here it is :D I hope you will understand my lousy english and certainly my problem :wink: I need some electric components for my electric vehicle project (a VW New Beetle). The most...
  15. Why would a pack fail to charge?

    Batteries and Charging
    This is for a 72 Volt pack of flooded cell batteries. It now takes long time to charge or the SOC meter never reports full charge. The problem developed after the vehicle was run at higher speeds and battery loading than normal. I fear there are shorted cells that are permanently limiting...