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  1. Anyone want some free CANbus Elcon Chargers? (Sydney Area)

    Batteries and Charging
    You all might remember me from this thread... It turns out, those chargers really were the wrong choice for the boat. They got WAY too hot for the tight space in the boat, and it seems...
  2. Choosing the right charger for EV.

    Batteries and Charging
    I am a newbie into EV conversions, in order to gain some EV experience i am converting an already electric Mahindra Reva-i from Lead Acid Batteries to Li-ion using two Tesla modules for a total of 250Ah at 48V. (11kwh). Something this guys did...
  3. Broken Elcon Chargers for Sale

    Batteries and Charging
    We used to install plug-in upgrades to Prii, and we now have many broken Elcon chargers for repair that we do not need. Once you get them to work, they can be reprogrammed to fit your charge curve (see Elcon's website). We're looking to sell them for $20/charger plus the cost of shipping. We...
  4. Ovartech

    Parts Vendors
    Hi all, A quick community service announcement: Earlier this year I got contacted by a Chinese company called Ovartech, whose website lists a range of chargers and DC/DC converters for electric vehicles. I couldn't find any independent reviews of the company or their products on Google, but...
  5. Tesla Drive Units with full custom control up to 634 HP/475 kW

    Parts Vendors
    Greetings! Have had an account here forever, but I try not to go crazy posting on forums much anymore. Hopefully this is the right place on this forum to post this info. :) Some folks may recognize me as "the Tesla hacker" from news articles, other forums, my youtube channel, etc. My partner...
  6. Brusa NLG 514 for sale

    Hi all, I have a NLG 514 for sale. Unit has been used a litle but is in very good condition. I'm seling it for £500. Best offer is welcome. It is a 720VDC, 3.3kW Full details updated...
  7. Max Charging Amps

    Batteries and Charging
    I'm trying to do the math of what size of a charger I should purchase. The battery specs say they can recharge at 1.5C when fast charging. I will be recharging at Level 2 EVSEs and Level 1 EVSEs. However, I would like to know how fast it will recharge because if it can recharge in under 3...
  8. Chargers for the Uk

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi EVers, I'm looking to have 44no CALB CA180 3.2V/180Ah in my EV and wondered what advice you lot had on the 'best' charger to fit in the car to allow for UK Charging? Also, how would this system work with the 'Fast Chargers' that are getting installed in the UK? Any and All advice is very...
  9. LiFePo4 BMS/PCB suggestions ?

    Batteries and Charging
    Hi Guys, i need some guidance for BMS circuit for LiFePo4 pack. Basically i wish to make 4S1P battery pack based on headway 4x16Ah cells. This pack will be mounted on my scooter in addition to the existing acid baterry and will be used as a seperated power source for other elctronic devices i...
  10. Multiple chargers?

    Technical Discussion
    Hey I have seen on the internet guys saying they are using multiple chargers (so each battey has its own charger) on motorcycles (6 ) and in cars (28). My questions is how exactly is this wired? It did not seem they were breaking the series. If I have (4 )12 volt batteries in series and I...
  11. Wanted Manzanita PFC 50 Charger

    Looking for a deal on a used manzanita PFC 50 charger. Tim 310 266 7316
  12. Chargers, lots of Chargers for sale

  13. I found an outstanding coil/transformer reference.

    Batteries and Charging
    This transformer/coil tutorial is the best that I've found on the net so far. Talks about the process of selecting cores and winding coils and transformers in plain language. With this I think I can finally start working on the magnetics I need for chargers, DC/DC converters, and other power...
  14. 72Volt 25A charger

    i have 40 72v nominal 88v max 25Amp chargers 25lbs l15.75, h8.25, w11 asking 200 each or 175 for 4 or mor or 150 for 10 or more great powerfull chargers. call 541-974-8282 or email [email protected]