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  1. In the theory stages of an odd build and I'm not sure if it will be driveable.

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    Howdy everyone! So for starters, I'm about a year or so away from even starting this build. Second, it's going to have a gas generator and is going to be an overland 4x4 with a Land Rover Discovery II as a base. The original plan is to take something like a 2007+ Tahoe 4x4 and drop in the...
  2. Likely problems with the Kia Soul OBC?

    Batteries and Charging
    I just bought a Kia Soul on-board charger for $950. I also downloaded the shop manual, which gives the pinouts and other details for this OBC. What I don't know is what obstacles I'm going to run into in firing it up and getting 400VDC at 25A (10 kW of charging power) out of it. (I'll be more...
  3. The ChevLorean

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    I returned my Mirai to Toyota at lease end in June, so now I get to borrow my wife's Chevy Bolt when she's not using it, and otherwise bike or Uber around town while pondering what car to get next. My Delorean (#6673, bought in 1985) had not been driven since 2006, so as a learning experience...
  4. Questions about powering Tesla Motors

    Batteries and Charging
    I'm looking into using a Tesla motor for a time attack car and are having questions regarding what batteries and how many it is going to require. My current plan is to use the batteries from a Chevy Volt to run the motor but I am looking for other options. The Chevy Volts battery bank is a...
  5. 944 Tesla Conversion

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    I'm a reformed hot-rodder looking to build my first EV. I have decent car building and fabrication experience (several LS1 swaps), but the electronics side is very new for me. I guess that is the appeal. So I'm going to try to post my build on here seeking advice and 'why did you do that?'...
  6. Wanted Affordable 96V Sepex Controller for a Zenn NEV

    Hi, Wanted Affordable 96V Sepex Controller for a Zenn NEV. I am using two Chevy Volt 22S modules (we trimmed two cells off of Chevy Volt 12S modules connected in series = 24s x 2, to get 22S) in parallel (90AH) into my Zenn NEV. That configuration should have (22 x 4.1v x 90Ah) 90.2 x 90 =...
  7. Exocar Electric Conversion!

    Technical Discussion
    So I'm working on taking a Velocity Rails Exocar and installing an electric motor in it. I'm wanting something with high torque, so for my budget I've decided to take a salvage car or two and use the parts from them. I really really wanted to do a Tesla drivetrain however from what I've read it...
  8. For Sale: Chevy Volt Cooling Plates - $15

    I have the following cooling plates / manifolds from a Chevy Volt battery pack: • two end-plates with hose barbs • two blank-off plates • one mid-pack manifold $15 ea + shipping