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  1. FS: 2015 Chevy SparkEV parting out

    Classifieds 2015 34,666miles 140Hp/327 Lb-Ft CA title Tow away or parting out. Available: DC fast/3KW charger EV Drive train 110V EVSE Good 12V AGM battery Interior: 'p'leather seats, dash, pedals, rear view mirror, carpets etc All doors, mirrors & hatch, rear...
  2. Chevy Volt battery management?

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    Has anyone out there got a way of using the connectors already on the chevy volt battery modules to hook up to a management system or balancing system? Is there an off the shelf plug which will fit the connectors on top of each pack?
  3. 2 Chevy Bolts left for sale

    We have 2 Chevy Bolts left in West Palm Beach. We got 4 in last week. If interested in setting up an appointment pm me. We have a premier and an LT available. Silver premium and a Metallic Grey LT.
  4. 1974 Chevy Nova

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    I still own a 1974 Chevy Nova two door. It is a inline 6 speed with 3 speed standard transmission. I was thinking about removing all of the internal combustion parts and having an adapter plate fabricated that will bolt onto the existing transmission. I may also need a motor. And a coupler...
  5. Planning 1978 Corvette

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    I am a beginner. I owned a 1967 Mustang so I have some knowledge on cars. I am a mechanical engineering student so I plan to use this project to apply what I'm learning to something. And this will be a major project. I plan to spend around 15-20k in total on this build. I want this to be a...
  6. For Sale: '94 S10 EV Donor Vehicle

    This listing is for an S10 EV donor vehicle, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is NOT a functioning electric vehicle, nor even a functional gasoline-powered one, for that matter. I looked long and hard for an acceptable donor vehicle for an EV conversion project and found one right up my alley...
  7. Plug in America 2010 Pictures

    EV News
    Battery for the Leaf Volt Volt BMS Volt BMS Volt battery with water cooling. An awful lot of potential coolant leaks if you ask me. Volt battery with water cooling. Lots of hose clamps. I guess thats the price you pay for a small battery with high current. I like the leafs...