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  1. AVOID Victpower!!!

    Parts Vendors
    Look here for more detail on my disappointing experience:
  2. CAUTION about ShenZhen Victpower Technology Co.

    Batteries and Charging
    CAUTION about ShenZhen Victpower Technology Co. The bottom line is that they sent whatever they had on hand, including some totally junk/reject cells, and any guarantee they claim to offer is worthless. I knew I was taking a risk and can accept the ~10% loss but I would caution anyone...
  3. Purchasing from Victpower Technology

    EV Dealers
    I have tried to purchase A123 Modules from China Look out !!! Learning by reading ->->-> 25.04.2012 / 12:28 by geonical PI from ShenZhen Victpower Technology Co.,Ltd Ship to: geonical Item: 42s3p Original A123 LiFePO4 Battery Module Qty: 3 Unit: Pack (in wooden boxes) Goods price :1600 USD...
  4. What are the alternatives to Chinese made batteries?

    Batteries and Charging
    Any comments on batteries which are manufactured a bit closer to the U.S.? Two reasons diverting my purchasing from Chinese manufacturer's: Logistics do not sound fun if I need to warranty product How much do they back the quality of their product? If I report cells which are failing, how...