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  1. Parts Vendors
    Look here for more detail on my disappointing experience:
  2. Batteries and Charging
    CAUTION about ShenZhen Victpower Technology Co. The bottom line is that they sent whatever they had on hand, including some totally junk/reject cells, and any guarantee they claim to offer is worthless. I knew I was taking a risk and can accept the ~10% loss but I would caution anyone...
  3. EV Dealers
    I have tried to purchase A123 Modules from China Look out !!! Learning by reading ->->-> 25.04.2012 / 12:28 by geonical PI from ShenZhen Victpower Technology Co.,Ltd Ship to: geonical Item: 42s3p Original A123 LiFePO4 Battery Module Qty: 3 Unit: Pack (in wooden boxes) Goods price :1600 USD...
  4. Batteries and Charging
    Any comments on batteries which are manufactured a bit closer to the U.S.? Two reasons diverting my purchasing from Chinese manufacturer's: Logistics do not sound fun if I need to warranty product How much do they back the quality of their product? If I report cells which are failing, how...
1-4 of 4 Results