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  1. Controlling three phase motor with joystick

    Technical Discussion
    I made a control interface which accepts a standard PC joystick and provides a +/- 5 VDC signal to the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The motor automatically reverses depending on the polarity of the signal. The control interface also has a PIC18F4420 which has 5 active ADC channels which will...
  2. Open ReVolt instrumentation

    Hi everyone! I am running an Open ReVolt controller in my Electro-Metro. The controller connects to a dashboard tablet PC over a serial to USB adapter cable. I then use RTD Explorer to tweak settings on the controller and have a real-time display of amps, PWM, throttle, controller heat sink...
  3. Can I use a 48V Power Drive charger to charge 8 6 volt t-105 type batteries?

    Batteries and Charging
    I got a good deal on this charger but I didn't know it needed the Club Car computer to charge batteries. I intend to use it to charge eight 6 volt t-105 batteries for my Commuta-Car. I came across this guy on eBay who claims he knows how to modify it so you can charge your batteries without...
  4. GCE computer and EV conversion

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone. I've been surfing around and got interested in EV. I'm now looking into the possibility of converting a car in an EV, and am considering the peugeot 406 coupé, which in the future will turnout to be a rememberable "classic". I've done some calculations, and everything looks ok...