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    second attempt to configure fuse box
  6. Controllers
    Hey there Controller experts.... I've been asked to attempt to repair a 2004 GorillaVehicle e-ATV. The owner has attempted repairs in the past, and made a bit of a mess at the key-switch end, which MAY have been sending either 12v, 24, or 36v back to the GorillaVehicles control board, and on...
  7. Controllers
    Hey guys, I have a curtis 1236 controller and i want to use the in internal precharge. I have my main contactor connected to the ksi coil return pin (pin13) and the driver 1 pin (pin6). The main contactor is between B+ and battery positive. MY pack is 48V. It seems as if the two pins im...
  8. Batteries and Charging
    After 10 years of watching, waiting, planning and hoping, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased an off lease 2014 Fiat 500e. So far I've just been charging with the 1.4 kw 120V charger that comes with the car. But I'm interested in exploring an EVSE that can maximize the 6.6 kw onboard...
  9. Controllers
    Finished Soldering 6 Power Controller boards last night. :) In my Solectria E10, I am planning on having 4 parallel groups of 20 Leaf modules in series (150V @ 65Ah per group), and thus I need a way to pre-charge, connect, and disconnect them to/from the main vehicle power bus. That is the...
  10. Batteries and Charging
    Does anyone have the CAD drawing of the AEV6505A Contactor (Nissan Leaf). I looked around on Panasonic's website, but I could not find one that was close: Interestingly they are filled with hydrogen and use a permanent...
  11. Controllers
    I know this is covered in other threads, but not to the level that it helps me with my problem. I've been having this issue for several months now and I'm just not smart enough to figure it out on my own... Here's the backstory: I bought a brand new DMOC 445 and AC24LS directly from Azure...
  12. Technical Discussion
    I have a jet electrica escort. I seem to be having problems with my contactor not transferring 100% of the power all the time. At times I will get 80% power transfer and then at random I will get 100% acceleration and speed. My contactor arc's and pits the points pretty bad. The...
  13. New Member Introductions
    So after crossing some train tracks the other day my car died. I coasted into a parking lot and did some troubleshooting which indicated the contactor was dead along with the +12v line feeding it. So I bypass the contactor to get to work, and then reading on here about contactor failures...
  14. Technical Discussion
    I'm looking into building a contactor controller, but after looking at the costs for high amperage/voltage contactors made me think why anyone would want to build this? I plan on using a 96V or 120V battery pack and placing contactors to get 24V, 48V, 72V and 96V speeds (maybe another 120V...
  15. Technical Discussion
    I just converted a 94 Probe to electric, 144V, Curtis 1231C. I was stopped at a light, when trying to go, had loss of power to the motor, then started. I got 1/2 a block away from home and it died again, this time permanently. Later, I found as the main contactor was engaged and power started...
  16. Technical Discussion
    I had an 1141 error the other day from the Zilla / Hairball. This is a “Main Contactor High Resistance” error code. The car lost all power to the motor, but after 5-10 minutes it was started and driven home on its own power, (only 200 ft). I assume that other previous problems I had, (see Zilla...
  17. Technical Discussion
    I am starting this thread so I will stop hijacking other peoples conversations in order to sell my step-start delay:rolleyes:. There are a lot of opinions on how to apply power to the controller. There are safety considerations for both the equipment and people. If we can work out some...