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  1. Cos/sine resolver to hall-effect sensored controller

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, We recently got hold of a nice HVH250 (without the casing, and that's a PITA, but it's another story...) and we're planning to power it with a nice 400V/400A controller. Except... that the controller only accepts hall-sensors and not cos/sine resolvers like the one that is mounted...
  2. Switched Reluctance Motor

    Technical Discussion
    I "rediscovered" this motor in my searches and it seems to be making a comeback because electronic controls are now ubiquitous and the design has many advantages and few downsides. As a point of reference this was touched upon here...
  3. DIY foot throttle

    Technical Discussion
    I had an idea for a simple DIY foot throttle for an EV. Apparently the resistive potentiometer types are prone to wearing out and failure, and other types such as hall effect and LVDTs seem to be very expensive. I don't know what specifications are needed, but for my own purposes using a...
  4. Controlling three phase motor with joystick

    Technical Discussion
    I made a control interface which accepts a standard PC joystick and provides a +/- 5 VDC signal to the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The motor automatically reverses depending on the polarity of the signal. The control interface also has a PIC18F4420 which has 5 active ADC channels which will...