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  1. Anyone bought a KIT from SHINEGLE New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Electric Motors
    I'm on the brink of buying a 72v 7.5kW EV conversion kit from SHINEGLE New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. I found it on Alibaba. I've been corresponding with the sales guy for over a month. And everything seems to be real. Before I take the final decision I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone...
  2. For sale: EVTV GEVCU new in box 450 +shipping

    SOLD: EVTV GEVCU new in box 450 +shipping evtv generalized electronic vehicle control unit new in box! 450 + shipping Thanks for your support
  3. Ebike brake lever cutoff switch / interrupt switch : How does it work?

    Electric Bikes
    Hi all, When pressing the brake lever on my ebike the bldc motor controller (aka ebike controller) 'cuts power' to the motor until the brake lever is released again/sensor is deactivated. I would love to know how that works/what happens. I am wondering what causes the power to be 'cut...
  4. 120V 1500A Controller for DC Series and PM Motors with regen

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Fully functional controller for your EV conversion project. $950 on eBay
  5. DCP Raptor temp sensor?

    Is there any brain trust left on DCP Raptor 600 controllers? Mine is from a build done in 2007. It was an original DCP that was sent to Black Sheep Technologies for their wizardry. I have no idea what that means except that throttle changed from an inductive unit to a pot. All that was before I...
  6. Hairball tach input

    My 10 year old Zilla based conversion is having a problem. The tach has been working for years, but recently the needle started to stick, then the Zilla starts to cut out. I figured out it was the Stall Detect and turned it off. That allowed me to continue to drive it, but not long after, the...
  7. Use hall effect pedal on a controller looking for a potentiometer input.

    Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I've been working on my EV conversion, and if you want to see my current progress, here's a link to my latest video on it ( I'm working on wiring it all together and getting the motor to react to the throttle pedal. After trying for a bit, I came to...
  8. VFD Motor and Battery Compatibility

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! I've found an industrial 15kW three-phase AC induction motor, and I'm in the market for a VFD to run this thing. It's a Baldor GDM2515T rated at 20HP, 230/460V, & 48/24A ("Full load amps"). It's weight is great for it's power and I like the fact that it's AC. I've found a...
  9. Yuyangking Bluetooth Speed Controller Assistance for Wiring

    Electric Bikes
    Is anyone able to give some assistance with the wiring of the items below? I have a 24 v controller and a 48 v 2A battery I've done some research and drew a schematic which is the attachment here. Theres a link to all the items that need to be connected: Electric Bike 48v 50 A 1000w controller...
  10. low cost DIY (Tesla) ACIM all hardware controller, no uC, DSP, programming

    Hi folks. In this thread I'm going to present an all hardware DIY (Tesla) ACIM ASIC controller that does not need uC, DSP and programming. It is a spin-off of this thread about a similar controller for a DC series motor. Most of "can it be done?" stuff (simulations, breadboarding) is in the DC...
  11. How to assemble the P&S Controller

    Hi everyone, I was looking at the populated version of the Paul and Sabrina DC controller (!/**POPULATED**-350v-1000amp-DC-Control-Driver-Board/p/59121616/category=22093524) On the information page, it discusses that there are a few extra things I need...
  12. For Sale: Enova Panther Dual Inverter SN 0001 - $1200 OBO

    Hi all, I have a 90kW peak, 25kW continuous dual inverter from Enova sitting in my garage. It was built in 2002 and has a serial number 0001. See pictures attached. Can't speak to functionality, but it is in excellent condition physically and has been unused since I have owned it. Time to clean...
  13. Curtis 1236 main contactor and precharge issues

    Hey guys, I have a curtis 1236 controller and i want to use the in internal precharge. I have my main contactor connected to the ksi coil return pin (pin13) and the driver 1 pin (pin6). The main contactor is between B+ and battery positive. MY pack is 48V. It seems as if the two pins im...
  14. €10 automatic precharge controller (discretes)

    When I registered here, I set myself the goal to start my first conversion build in 2018. And a couple of months ago I decided to go for it after I saw the first results of €1000 DC conversion here. To do a build on a shoestring and in a short period of time, the electronics have to be simple...
  15. Scott Drive vs Unitek Bamocar controller?

    The setup: Mazda MX-5 NC, 25 kWh Winston LFP (416V), EMRAX 268 medium voltage motor (axial flux sync PM) straight to diff, controller TBD. I'm interested in opinions (or better: experience!) on choosing the optimal controller for this setup. Also, if anybody has a better idea for batteries...
  16. GoldenMotor 3Kw Controller

    Hey everyone, I was looking at getting a Golden Motor for my Moped conversion. Has anyone had any luck programming these things? I am new at this and was just curious if anyone has any suggestions figuring out how to do things with them. Specifically, I am looking at the Model: VEC200 following...
  17. Problem with full throttle motor stop pushing

    Electric Bikes
    Hi, I tried to be as specific as possible in the title. This is my problem, I work for an small neighbor and we bought 10 e bikes from a quite professional builder at china. When they sent the sample with bafang hub motor it worked great. Then to make it a little cheaper we decided to use a...
  18. For Sale: Electric Vehicle Propulsion System 370V, > 60kw - USD 7.350

    Electric Vehicle Propulsion System 370V, > 60kw (Motor, Controller) for sale I stop my project of an electric driven helicopter, because I sold the helicopter. Now it doesn’t make sense to go ahead with my project, because if I have no helicopter I can’t test is. The electric...
  19. For Sale: Logisystems 1000-amp controller - $600+

    I am selling this controller since I have torn this lead-acid project car down to parts after about 30 hours of use in my nominal 144-volt system. I'm planning a new prject using an AC drive system and lithium batteries. While it's capable of 1000 amp output I used this controller "dialed down"...
  20. Kandi Coco Err02

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello Community, I am still at a loss of what to do with my 2009 Kandi Coco with less than 50 miles on it that is giving me the Err02 message when I turn it on. It will not operate in drive or reseverse. I have read some of the other forum posts from years ago and there is reference that this...