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  1. convert 36 volt ezgo to 42 volt?

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    I have a 2002 ezgo golf cart that I have the following upgrades: 400 amp controller, high amp forward-reverse, 4 gauge wiring and 6:1 gear ratio rear end. I can easily run 28 mph but need more power if starting on hills. My question- Can I add one 6 volt battery to make 42 volts and also will my...
  2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

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    Hey guys I'm new here. I am looking to buy a jeep grand Cherokee with a blown engine to do an electric motor swap. In my short research I have done so far and a bit of experience. Driven many miles in a tesla model s. I have come to a few conclusions - I want a powerful ac system with good...
  3. EV Moped Conversion Project

    Electric Bikes
    I was thinking about converting a gas powered moped to electric for a couple of reasons. First, Mopeds are lighter then full motorcycles but can still handle speeds up to 40 or 50 mph. Second, there is no special operating license to get. Third, the project just sounds like it would be fun. I...
  4. '78 Vespa Bravo conversion: Use old gear reduction unit?

    Electric Bikes
    Hi y'all. I'm considering an electric conversion for a engine-less Vespa Bravo I just acquired. I'm in the very initial brainstorming stage, so I haven't chosen a motor but this is just for fun and I want to go cheap. (So no hub motor--that way I can use the old brakes) Anyway, the original...