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  1. Possible Corvette Stingray Conversion

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    Hey guys, a newcomer approaches. A bit about me and how I arrived here So after spending the last 8 months researching, and still not knowing what the heck a car even is (or how to drive for that matter, still need to take my G2 exam), I decided "Hey! I am totally ready to do an EV conversion!"...
  2. Electric Corvette LCD Touchscreen Interface

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    I have about 100 miles on my Corvette conversion. The touchscreen computer interface is just about done (attached photos). Next weekend (Nov. 16) I plan on driving it 50+ miles (one way) to a car show at the Don Garlits Drag Racing museum. Before making the drive, I'll be testing my battery pack...
  3. 76 Corvette Conversion

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    I'm new to the group. I'm in the process of converting my '76 Corvette to electric. I'm using twenty-four 12volt Odyssey 1500s, Warp11", Curtis controller. What is the popular emergency disconnect - something other than an Anderson connector? I haven't figured out how to add a picture to...