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  1. Just Getting Started - 1973 Corvette Coupe Conversion

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    Hey, all! I look forward to learning and working with you through my journey to take this classic into the modern era. I'm in the very beginning phases of planning my conversion, and am excited/intimidated by the process that sits before me. Should be quite the journey!
  2. Rate my build plan (c3 corvette)

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    Location: San francisco, CA Budget: Like 15k for the donor car, and hopefully less than 20k for all the conversion parts and any labor costs. Donor car: 1975 c3 corvette. They're cheap, easy to convert the bumpers back to the wonderful 68-72 chrome bumper design, and have some decent safety...
  3. Corvette Conversion

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    I've been wanting to convert my 1982 corvette to electric for a while but all of the information that I have found thus far has either been on manual transmissions or doesn't go into detail when it comes to converting automatics. I was just wondering how different the process would be when...
  4. Planning 1978 Corvette

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    I am a beginner. I owned a 1967 Mustang so I have some knowledge on cars. I am a mechanical engineering student so I plan to use this project to apply what I'm learning to something. And this will be a major project. I plan to spend around 15-20k in total on this build. I want this to be a...
  5. THinking about an ev conversion of a c3 vett

    EV Performance
    I have a 74 corvette that I love more than my dog(if i had a dog). Although i really hate thats its not a ev because that is really the future. I am graduating as a chemical engineer in a year and right afterI get a job that what I wanna spend my money on. I know its a bit early to start...