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  1. Adapter Plate Worries

    Technical Discussion
    Adapter Plate 1980 Fiat Spider Hello Everyone! New to the forum - what a great group of helpful people! I am in the planning stage of a 1980 Fiat Spider conversion and the first big challenge is to figure out how to get an adapter plate for the motor to trans. The motor/drivetrain plan so far...
  2. Looking for correct Hub for motor

    Electric Motors
    Hi everyone, so I recently purchased a motor from advanced motors and drives- fb1-4001a. Ill attach a photo with this so you can see. Anyways I'm in the process of making a adapter plate and coupler to attach it to my VW Vanagon and I'm having trouble determining the correct hub to fit on the...
  3. Searching drive shaft coupler?

    Technical Discussion
    Hello experts, For our hobby E-Vehicle we got the motors and being electrical guys are stuck with the mechanical part. We are planning some tests where we require to couple the two motors on the shaft together. The spline of the motor has 22 teeths with major diameter being 23.8mm and minor of...
  4. charts and graphs and equations

    New Member Introductions
    I need badly to see more charts and graphs and equations to help me understand the relationships between all these units of measurement I hear related to ev conversions. We need like a master chart for every known usable component on the market or in a salvage yard. starting with battery...
  5. For Sale: 94 Geo Metro EV project - $3500 obo

    It solar-charges and drives but it still needs work and I'm out of time: -Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals are not hooked up yet -Something about my design is flawed; either the motor, the controller, or the battery pack is underpowered so it only drives on flat ground. It's a simple...
  6. Adapter plate and coupling

    Technical Discussion
    Hi there, I have been looking in to the possible 'homebrew' ways of coupling my motor to the transmission, but have decided that it would be best to go down the route of finding a machinist. does anyone in Essex have any suggestions for a good machinist/ CNC company maybe that specialises in...
  7. WTB: 1.125" shaft to VW Trans Coupling

    Found One - thanks Wanted to Buy a coupling to connect a D&D ES-31B motor to a VW Bug transmission. Same coupler used in E-Volts Kit #3. Motor has a 1.125" Diameter 3" long shaft. Keyway length is 2.5"
  8. VW Adapter plate & coupling shaft

    VW Bug Adapter Plate and Shaft Coupler I pulled these from my now defunct Emoli Bug. There are some pictures in this thread from Endless Sphere. A some point I tapped a second set screw so that the coupler can work for both long and short shaft...
  9. Impulse 9 Shattered Shaft

    Electric Motors
    I had a guy custom make a coupler/adapter for my MG conversion. Installed it and got a loud vibration and was able to observe a wobble in the coupler. I sent it back and he corrected the wobble. Once installed I got less of a vibration/more of a loud buzz. I was an idiot and assumed since the...
  10. Adaptor Plate and Coupler for VW Beetle

    Technical Discussion
    I am planing to keep the clutch in my VW Beetle. (Warp 9 Motor) So i am looing for a CHEAP Adaptor and Coupler, any ideas where to get them? Also i read that the alignment is the most important thing when connecting the motor. I also read that a rubber Star Spider in the Lovejoy coupler helps...
  11. Shaft coupler removal?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Any recomendations on the best way to remove a shaft coupler? It went on pretty snug to begin with, at the time I could adjust it with a little screwdriver leverage from underneath, but after 2500 miles that's not cutting it. Identical to this one:
  12. building an adapter - measurement or blueprint?

    Technical Discussion
    To get an adapter so precisely as possible, I would love to take blueprints / drawings of motor and transmission with exactly dimensions but I can't find them or no where to find. An exact measurement is quiet difficult to get the last hundredth. So my questions are: How do you build your...
  13. Alternative to Flywheel/Clutch Coupler

    Technical Discussion
    Retaining the clutch/flywheel assembly is preferred to clutchless adaptors for safety reasons and AC motors, which benefit from more frequent shifting. However, flywheel/clutch assemblies are heavy and more complicated than needed for EVs. Is there a lighter, simpler alternative method of...
  14. vw adapter drawing

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all !! Does anyone have drawing / plans for building adapter and coupler for VW aircooled engines with clutch/flywheel? If anyone has detailed drawings of the transaxle (bellhousing) I would apprechiate this as well. I live in Norway, and shipping & import tax are threatening the survival...